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Ebene is present in professions which have high added value for the sectors of activity concerned. 

Our society is moving more and more into the digital world and needs players who are capable of providing tools, know-how and advice to help companies change paradigms. This is what several Ebene Group companies are doing in very varied and rapidly evolving sectors such as digitalization and technological consulting, insurance, wealth management, the public sector, industry and the monitoring of its investments.

The companies owned by Ebene participate in complex developments and support their clients to stay at the heart of the major changes we are experiencing. Beyond consulting, our companies are with customers, on the ground, so that ideas are quickly translated into actions.

The disparity of professions provides useful agility for Ebene, its clients and its employees.


SFEIR was acquired in 2006 by Ebene. Pierre Dalmaz, as CEO, turned it around for more than 10 years until 2017, the year in which he handed over General Management to Bruno Leforestier and Didier Girard, currently Co-Ceos. 

SFEIR is a pure digital player, based in Paris, Lille, Luxembourg Strasbourg, Nantes, Bordeaux and Brussels, bringing together nearly 850 developers specializing in the development of cutting-edge applications. Our preferred languages: Java, JavaScript, Go, .NET, NodeJS and Python. A Cloud pioneer in France, SFEIR supports its clients in their digital transformation and finds effective solutions for their users.

Today, EBENE is the majority shareholder of 60%.


ANTENIA is a software package publisher that provides back office solutions  professions and digitalization of processes for insurance companies, brokers and mutuals. The company achieves a turnover of €6M with 75 employees.

EBENE became a majority shareholder when it acquired a stake in Antenia in March 2020.

Its president is Caroline Dalmaz, shareholder and director of Ebene.

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KEESYSTEM is a software publisher that provides portfolio management solutions for family offices and independent fund managers. The company achieves a turnover of €1.3M.

EBENE became a majority shareholder when it acquired a stake in Antenia in July 2021.

Its President is Pierre-Alexandre Rousselot who has been in the company for 15 years.

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AREGIE is a software publisher which provides an accounting solution for management of utilities for public administrations and local authorities.

It achieves a turnover close to €1M.

Its manager is Caroline Dalmaz, shareholder and director of Ebene.

SENOEE is a software publisher that provides an asset valuation solution with powerful algorithms that provide high value-added investment monitoring analyses. This solution is intended for manufacturers and insurance companies to better manage their invested assets and to protect them.

Its President is Jean-Philippe Dalmaz, shareholder and director of Ebene.



CABINET ROUX evaluates company assets through specialized assessments in insurance value, regulatory and economic assessments.

CABINET ROUX supports its clients during disasters to defend their interests in the valuation of damages.

The company achieves a turnover of €18M with 150 employees.

Ebene has been a majority shareholder since 2017.

Its CEO is Marc Joly

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